My Toy Collection

Solar Engines

I have a bit of attention, turned towards the products made by Solar Engines, Phoenix AZ, on top of my Jensen "addiction".

The interest sparked, when i acquired one of the relatively simple and very common Solar 1 stirlings, as an extra on a Jensen purchase.

Until then, i had been convinced that these engines was PM Research originals. But seing that this one wasn´t tagged with their name under the casting, i decided to investigate further.

I quickly found that PM Research N.Y. had purchased the original Phoenix based company back in 1995, from the original owners Ed and Jeannette Morgan, who had been producing these models since the 1970´s.

As the Jensen market at that time was a bit meager, i decided to start a small collection of these originals, to keep me occupied until some of my main targets started to re-emerge, but i soon found that quite a few models and variations had been made/sold through the years.

This, as these things tend to do, quickly got into something of an obsession, and by now i to the best of my knowledge, have every (known) model here on the shelf, besides of a couple of real rarities.