My Toy Collection

Solar Engines:


I have a bit of attention turned towards the stirlings, flame lickers, and accessories, made by Solar Engines, Phoenix, AZ, on top of my Jensen addiction.


The interest sparked, when i acquired one of the relatively simple and very common Solar 1 stirling engines as an extra, on a Jensen purchase a couple of years back.


Until then i had been convinced that these engines was a P.M. Research "invention", but as this one wasn´t tagged with their name, i decided to investigate further, and quickly found that P.M. Research out of N.Y. had purchased the small Phoenix based company back in 1995, from the original owners Ed and Jeannette Morgan, who had been producing these models from the seventies.


As the Jensen market at that time was a tad slow, i decided to start a small collection of the originals, to keep me occupied until some of my main targets started to emerge again, only to find that quite a few variations had been made/sold.


This, as these things tend to do, quickly got into something of an obsession, and by now i have every (known) model offered besides a couple, which fortunately is represented in a good friend of mines collection, and therefore will be displayed in here on top of my own for illustrational purposes as well.