My Toy Collection

Wilesco Steam Engines

I, as many others started out my toy steam collection by collecting Wilesco, as that was the "known and present" brand around here.

As time passed, i learned about other manufacturers, and my main interest took a serious turn, resulting in me selling off most of my Wilesco collection.

Remaining today, is only the ones that for one or more reasons, have some personal value to me.

These days, Wilesco is one of just three remaining toy steam manufacturers in the World, when only counting those with some serious historical merit, as well as a factory-like productionline.

Wilesco´s website is found here:


Wilesco D2

(alcohol burner)

Wilesco D4

Late 50´s to early 60´s

Wilesco D6

The horrible little monster that started it all !!!

Wilesco D8el

Late 50´s to early 60´s

Wilesco D10


Wilesco D24el

Late 50´s to early 60´s

D4/D24 Comparison Picture